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Security Purses and Security Handbags

You’re in a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting – Paris... Rome... Buenos Aires... or maybe Hanoi.  You’ve had  a great morning sightseeing, found your way around unfamiliar streets with that handy little map in the back of your city guide, and now you’re ready for a drink.  You choose a cafe or bar, order a beer or a coffee and sit down. The waiter brings your drink to your table and leaves the tab. You reach into your purse for your wallet to pay – and it’s not there! Nor is your new smartphone, your digital camera, or your passport. You turn numb and icy-cold with panic, you realize you've been robbed.

For as long as people have traveled, they have been ripped off by pickpockets - but it hurts even more when you travel internationally.  It doesn't matter whether you’re traveling for pleasure, or business: thieves aren't fussy. They steal anything and everything, especially from those whom they identify as Westerners (USA). 

It’s such a big problem that Reuters ran a story about it: “Travel Picks: Europe dominates list of top 10 pickpocket traps.”  It ranked Barcelona (Spain) with its famous boulevard Las Ramblas, as No.1, with Rome (Italy) in 2nd place, followed by Prague (Czech Republic), Madrid (Spain again), Paris (France), Florence (Italy), Buenos Aires (Argentina) 7th, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Athens (Greece) and, in the No.10 spot, Hanoi (Vietnam).

Pickpockets are Professionals

Many pickpockets are highly-trained to the point where most people feel nothing as they’re fleeced.  Nimble hands reach into your travel bag and remove your wallet, camera, passport, phone... in just seconds. These men, women and children are professionals and you won’t even notice them in the crowd or see them at work.  They certainly don’t make themselves obvious.  Sometimes they work alone, sometimes in groups that jostle you in the street or on public transport to distract you while one gang-member does the dirty work.

Distractions and Scams

A common scam, a favorite in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, is for a “passer-by” to tell you you’ve got bird-mess on the back of your jacket and offer to wipe it off for you – and while you’re concentrating on thanking him and trying to twist round to see the back of your jacket, his accomplice is helping himself to the contents of your handbag.

In the olden days, when people carried their money in leather bags hung at their belts, thieves would cut the bags off with a quick flick of a knife.  Nowadays it is pretty much the same except that it is the straps of shoulder bags, or bottom  panels of purses which are sliced to get at the contents.

Another style of theft committed by thieves often riding past on a scooter or pretending to be jogging, is to grab your bag hard enough to rip the strap from the body – you are aware of the theft, but the runners are fast enough to be on the Olympic sprint squad and they’re away before you’ve had time to turn round.  And there are always opportunist bag-snatchers, who see your bag left on a chair in a restaurant or bar while you’re chatting, maybe thinking “I’m right next to it – what could go wrong”?  Next thing you know you’ve looked away for a second, the bag’s gone, and your holiday ruined.

It happens all the time.  Ask anyone at any Embassy or Consulate anywhere in the world: almost every day they have to help out victims of theft with cash, new passports, alternative travel arrangements, sometimes even medical help.  It doesn’t just happen in poor countries, either. Wherever tourists are there are those looking to exploit them.

Travel Purse and Bags Offer Comfort and Security for Valuables

What can you do to protect yourself? Over the centuries people have always tried to protect their valuables from thieves.  People used to sew their money into their clothes, or wear sheath-type bags next to their skin – those are still options, of course, but they’re not very attractive, they’re uncomfortable in hot weather and not practical.  Rolling up your trouser leg in public to find your cash is pretty undignified – and also shows muggers both that you’ve got stuff worth stealing and where you’ve hidden it.

A far more practical solution is to carry an ordinary-looking handbag or purse with hidden strengths – a security purse.  A security travel handbag looks just like a normal bag and are just as functional and/or stylish.  They come in a range of colors and materials, including leather, and in various sizes and styles with designs for both women and men.  Some have more pockets, some fewer some specifically fit iPads, cameras or just the basics. Choose to have a  shoulder or waist straps, water bottle holder and organizer pockets. 

There are even security backpacks, like the Travel Daypack, with hidden ports for your headphones, so you can listen to your favorite tracks while your iPod stays safely stowed in the backpack. 

If you like to travel light, you can find a variety of smaller travel purses which you van see in the chart at the below of this page.  These smaller anti-theft purses has space for the bare essentials: just your phone, your money, credit cards, and ID. No more, no less – but no less secure than large security purses.  The Vertical Security Shoulder Bag, meanwhile, is a slim line, lightweight purse with enough style to take you right through the day and out to dinner.

Underneath their good looks, though, all these bags are crime-fighters in disguise, fitted with layers of up-to-the-minute technology so that you can travel with your valuables secure and with peace of mind. Some design features to look for:

Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII Hobo Travel Bag

Purse Security Shoulder Straps

All security handbags, purses and should have security straps.  They foil the cut-n-run thieves by having strong but flexible slice-resistant metal cables embedded within the full length of the strap.  The cables are thin for comfort, but will resist an opportunistic slice. And because of the way they’re sewn int the bag they also help protect the strap from being ripped out of the bag. The cables are invisible and flexible, so you won’t notice them.

Straps need to be adjustable in length so that you can wear your bag across your body comfortably.  If you wear your bag from one shoulder to the opposite hip you’ll make it even harder for thieves to grab it off you (it also distributes the weight of the better, so it’s better for your spine). 

If you prefer a hip- or fanny-bag, you can buy travel bags with security waist-straps made with the same slice-resistant cables as the shoulder straps. Pacsafe, Daymaker's, as well as Travelon all features are purses and handbags with good examples of this style: the shoulder straps of many of these bags can be unhooked from one side of the bag and passed through a housing in the back of the bag to convert it into a hip bag.  

Security Purse Zipper Locks

Citysafe 200 GII Zipper Lock FeatureThese are invaluable when you’re in a busy area, such as in public transportation or in a crowded tourist area like the queue for a popular art gallery or a shopping center (where female pickpockets often). Escalators and train platforms are favorite places for thieves too.  If a thief can get to stand close behind you he or she will have time to slide open the zipper of your bag, slide their hand inside and remove the contents – it only takes seconds for a seasoned professional, and to folks nearby it’ll just look like two people going up an escalator – no-one will see a thing.

Zipper locks work by attaching your zip-slider to a catch attached to the bag so the slider can’t be undone with one hand.  If a pickpocket uses two hands she becomes much more obvious: it’s awkward and it takes longer too, so there’s more chance someone will notice. As soon as they see the zipper lock they’ll give up and move on to another victim.  You, however, know how the lock works and it’ll take you no time at all to open it when you want to. 

Zipper locks come in two sorts – the best and safest are built in to the purse or bag, attached by elastic so they pull the zip-slider in tight to the bag; or you can buy separate locks, such as the Zip-R-Lock Purse Security Clip, for purses and wallets without a built-in ones, or the Zipper-clips for double pull zippers found on backpacks and other bags.

Wire meshh anti-theft technology cut away in a travel purseSecurity Purse -Slashguard Panels

To stop bag slashers from cutting through the panels of your purse to get at your valuables, most security handbags have slash-proof steel wire mesh inserted in the side and bottom panels.  The mesh is laminated in nylon so it doesn’t damage the fabric of your bag and makes a really strong, invisible layer to give you all-round security.  If someone tries to cut through it, they just make a mess of the outer fabric – your valuables are still protected.  Check out the PacSafe CitySafe 100 and Travelon's Tour Bag.

The mesh is flexible, like the wire in the security strap, so it doesn’t make the bag look odd – in fact it stops the fabric getting saggy, so your purse goes on looking good even after a few seasons.

Security Purse - Snatchproof Shoulder Straps

Like the scenario where you're seated in a restaurant or café  and you put the bag under your seat, hang the strap over the back of your chair, or place it next to you and  as you’re eating, chatting, watching the world go by your bag is lifted away.

Good security purses have anchor clips, so you can tether your bag to a chair or table leg or any other fixed object.  Simply un-clip the strap, pass it round your chosen immovable object and clip it back up again.  Your bag will be as safe as Fort Knox – especially if you’ve locked all your zippers shut.

RFID Security Pocket  – Shields Personal Information Embedded in Credit Cards and Passport

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. Today they are found in passports and credit cards to help speedup transactions. They transmit your account information plus personal details.  Hand held scanners can read these chips through wallets and clothing up to several feet away.  It is a form of electronically pickpocketing or identity theft.  Newly issued credit cards, passports and other IDs have embedded RFID chips.
Identity theft via RFID readers is growing. You can protect your personal data with the use of RFID blocking wallets and RFID blocking passport covers. These items contain a metal fiber mesh that makes a "cage" around the chip that radio waves cannot penetrate. All of the security fanny packs and security waist packs made today have versions that provide optional RFID protection from electronic pickpockets. 

If you were not aware, within the last few years, due to changes in technology, tech-savvy thieves can now silently download your personal credit card information and ID data with handheld "skimming" devices. These modern day pick-pockets can access your personal information without you knowing it. They do it through the material of a non-protected waist pack, wallet, or purse.  Having a security waist pack with RFID blocking material is designed to provide this extra layer of protection from electronic pickpockets.  
You can read more about RFID here.

RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Travel Wallet, Corporate Travel SafetyDoes my Credit Card Have a RFID Chip?

If your card is equipped with PayWave or blink, indicated by a logo on the front or back of the card, then it has an RFID chip embedded in it. The absence of a PayPass logo, however, does not mean that your card does not have an RFID chip—call the customer service number on the back of your card. If you cannot get an answer from your bank you should protect your cards anyway to ensure that you do not fall victim to identity theft.  Imagine how the theft of your identity while traveling could negatively impact your trip! You should be concerned if you carry an American Express Card, Visa, Discover, MasterCard or a passport.




Your US Passport Has an RFID Chip

 The cover to the right is a photograph of what the new cover of the US e-passport which contains the RFID chip looks like. Note the logo on the bottom of the cover.

US Passport with RFID chip symbol

US Passport Full Cover with RFID symbol

passport layering with RFID

The below is the universal RFID 
e-passport logo which is being used to identify passport locations which require e-passport scanning.  

RFID symbol






Security Purses and Travel Bgs are a Great Investment

There are lots of ways to protect yourself from one of the nastier aspects of day-to-day life both at home and abroad.  You never know when your holiday could be ruined by some professional pick-pocket or bag-snatcher, and you’d never forgive yourself. Whenever that sort of thing happens, people always blame themselves.  “If only I hadn’t been so stupid!”  “If only I’d taken better care of my bag,” they think.  “If only I hadn’t been taken in by that guy telling me I had bird-mess on my jacket.”  “If only I hadn’t left the bag under my feet – I was sure it would be safe there.”

Being robbed is shocking, too, and can leave women in particular feeling vulnerable and miserable.  It’s not just the loss of your wallet or passport that ruins the holiday, but how you feel about what’s happened (and it can takes ages to get over that and be confident about traveling again).

It all adds up to a very stressful situation and prevention is much, much better than cure, especially when prevention is so easy with a few simple precautions.  For one thing, be careful in crowds.  If you’re in the sort of place where pickpockets might operate, try to avoid getting jostled by a people.  Ignore “well-meaning” people who distract you with questions or comments. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times and wear your bag in front of you or at least on your hip. Above all, get yourself a security purse or bag of some sort.

If you want to see a large selection of travel security purses and handbags - visit – they’re specialists and they’ve got a good range of styles, colors, sizes and prices.  That’s the sort of peace of mind that’s worth seeking out.  So why not do something about it now, while you’re thinking about it? 

Anti-Theft Travel Purses and Travel Security Handbags
On the Go Organizer RFID Blocking Travel Purse
On the Go Organizer RFID Blocking Travel Purse

Style, Function & Security! Adjustable, Non-cutable strap, locking zippers, RFID Protection, & lots of pockets. FREE RFID Wallet More 

Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag
Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag with RFID *New Version

Wear it across your body or as a standard shoulder bag– slash proof carry strap, security zippers, and anti-slash panels. Adjustable strap, sporty... More 

Savvy Travel Purse with RFID
Savvy Travel Purse with RFID

Style, Function & Security! RFID Blocking plus so much for peace of mind. Includes a RFID Blocking wallet. Fits iPad.

Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag with RFID Protection
Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag with RFID Protection

Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag with RFID Protection A security cross body bag may just be the smartest accessory you purchase for your... More 

Anti-Theft Travel Bag
Anti-Theft Travel Bag with RFID Shielding

Light weight with anti-theft features & plenty of organizer pockets. Water bottle pocket. Holds a computer tablet. Includes LED light. BLACK More  

CitySafe 200 GII Travel Handbag
Pacsafe Citysafe 200 GII Travel Handbag

The CitySafe 200 GII anti-theft travel handbag with RFID blocking is a stylish larger, and well organized casual travel purse.

CitySafe 100 GII Travel Handbag
Pacsafe Citysafe 100 GII Travel Handbag

Mid sized, light weight with classic silhouette travel handbag. Discreet anti-theft features give you peace of mind. RFID blocking pocket too.... More 

9 Pocket Traveler with RFID
9 Pocket Traveler with RFID

9 Pocket Traveler with Large RFID Pocket   Fashionable and functional! T he 9 Pocket Traveler gets you and your essentials... More 

Slingsafe 75 GII Anti-Theft/RFID Sling Purse & Hip Pouch
Pacsafe Slingsafe 75 GII Anti-Theft Sling Purse & Hip Pouch

Sporty anti-theft shoulder bag converts to a hip pouch for hands free comfort. Water repellent, RFID blocking, and detachable strap locks down the bag... More 

CitySafe 400 GII Hobo Travel Bag
Pacsafe Citysafe 400 GII Hobo Travel Bag

A perfectly stylish over-sized travel bag! Features sleeve that slides over wheeled luggage handles making it the perfect carry-on accessory. Fits an... More 

Slingsafe 100 GII Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Shoulder Bag
Pacsafe Slingsafe 100 GII Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Shoulder Bag

Sporty, lightweight mid sized travel bag, roomy enough to carry everything you need. Water repellent, RFID blocking, plus 4 other anti-theft features. More 

Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 GII Anti Theft Cross Body Shoulder Bag - Cypress
Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 GII Anti Theft Cross Body Shoulder Bag

Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 GII Anti-Theft Cross Body Shoulder Bag  The new Slingsafe 200 GII is a lightweight, roomy anti-theft... More 

SlingSafe 250 GII Travel Handbag
Pacsafe Slingsafe 250 GII Travel Handbag

A roomy yet sporty anti-theft handbag holds everything for a day out and smart enough to outwit pickpockets and bag snatchers. Water repellent, RFID... More 

RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Travel Wallet
RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Travel Wallet

Protect your digital camera, phone or iPod and money while exploring. Use the cross body strap or attach to your belt for hands free comfort.

Large Slim & Sleek RFID Blocking Security Shoulder Bag
Large Slim & Sleek RFID Blocking Security Shoulder Bag

Medium size shoulder bag. Fits an iPad, and includes RFID blocking pocket to keep you identity secure. Perfect for daytime city touring & elegant... More 

3-Way Security Purse or Pack w RFID Wallet
RFID Blocking 3-Way Security Purse or Pack w RFID Wallet

Wear this security bag as as a waist pack, an over the shoulder bag, or across your body. Plus FREE RFID Blocking ID Wallet 

Pacsafe Metrosafe 150 GII Cross Body Sling Bag
Pacsafe Metrosafe 150 GII Cross Body Sling Bag

Need a versatile solution that gives you hands-free freedom and is more streamlined than a backpack, but roomy than a waist pack? More 

Pacsafe Intasafe Z100 Cross Body Pack
Pacsafe Intasafe Z100 Cross Body Pack

Pacsafe Intasafe Z100 Cross Body Pack The Intasafe™ Z100 is a compact, cross body pack that fits all your basic, city essentials like... More 

Pacsafe Venturesafe 300 GII Vertical Travel Bag, Navy Blue
Pacsafe Venturesafe 300 GII Vertical Travel Bag

Pacsafe Venturesafe 300 GII Vertical Travel Bag keeps your belonging safe with a built in security system that includes RFID-blocking technology. More 

Intasafe Z300 Tote Bag
Pacsafe Intasafe Z300 Tote Bag

Pacsafe Intasafe Z300 Tote Bag The modern and metropolitan tote bag is simple, classic and lightweight making it the perfect day bag or... More 

SlingSafe 300 GII Anti-Theft Backpack
Pacsafe Slingsafe 300 GII Anti-Theft Backpack

Functional, light-weight and smart anti-theft backpack that's roomy enough to carry your day's gear. Water repellent, RFID blocking pocket, &... More 

Pacsafe Metrosafe 275 GII Tablet and Laptop Bag
Pacsafe Metrosafe 275 GII Tablet and Laptop Bag

An anti-theft tablet & laptop bag that's perfect for tech savvy travelers. Takee on the daily concrete jungle or airport hustle and bustle with... More 

Intasafe Z400 Shoulder Bag
Pacsafe Intasafe Z400 Shoulder Bag

Take on the city and travel in style with the Z400 shoulder bag. 6 anti-theft features combine with rugged, vintage canvas material to offer a sleek,... More 

Purse Organizer with RFID Blocking
Purse Organizer with RFID Blocking

Purse Organizer with ID protection! Organize & find your items quickly. Includes RFID protection for your passport, credit cards, and ID's. Two... More 

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